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Code of conduct

Code of Conduct


All gymnasts must: be respectful to staff, coaches and volunteers of the classes and respect their decision.

Be punctual and ready to train for all classes and events.

All personal possessions are left at the participants own risk.

Mobile phones should not be brought to sessions, if they are required for emergencies they must be stored in a bag.

Notify your primary coach immediately if you have any concerts, injuries, or illnesses.

Demonstrate respect to other gymnasts within the building and in the class.

Dress appropriately to classes, sports kit, no jewellery and please remove shoes.

Keep agreed timings and inform coaches of late entry or early collection for classes.

Remain with a coach at the end of the session until their parent/guardian collects them.

Pay the annual club and British Gymnastics membership fees on the first session after your initial taster and then every September, this is regardless of their start time.

Breach of this participant code of conduct will result in:

First instance:

An email being sent as a reminder of the code of conduct.


Second instance:

A meeting with the primary coach in the presence of a parent/guardian and the gymnast in an unofficial capacity.

Third instance:

A meeting with the head coach and welfare officer, in the presence of a parent/guardian and the gymnast in an official capacity.


Any further instances may result in participants being asked to leave Sandwell Flyers Gymnastics Academy




All parents must:

Drop children off and either leave the venue or wait in the waiting room.

Wait outside the building for your class teacher to let you in ready for their class.

Ensure you are on site 10m prior to your child’s class finishing and ensure a prompt collection.

Not enter the training floor/gym area when a session is taking place.

Maintain professional communication with Sandwell Flyers helpers and members of staff.

Notify the club, and or your coacha account, of any change in circumstance including any Personal information,

Ensure any fees, events or uniform costs are paid on time.

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